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Part of the Securitay Team join us on Facebook

Securitay operate a private Staff Page on Facebook, contact Neil Brown by emailing him at or phone Neil on 01382 732090 with your email address to be added.

The Page includes:

  • The latest Securitay News and Events
  • Links to download all important Forms, including Holiday, Terms & Conditions etc
  • SIA updates
  • Special Events, do you want to put yourself forward for working on one of the special events, hear about what is coming up and sign up on the page, Golfing events seem very popular.
  • Interesting Links, life is not all work, we include interesting and fun links for your entertainment.
  • Health and Safety, raise your worries and get regular advice and tips on keeping safe at work.

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Sickness & Absence policy 

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Alcohol & Drugs Policy

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Mobile Safety Policy

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