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To all customers,

As a valued customer of Securitay Limited we wanted to reassure you that in the face of these challenging times it very much remains “business as usual” for Securitay. We would like to update you on what we are doing to minimise any potential disruption caused by the spread of Coronavirus and how we intend to continue to provide you with the service you expect from us to support your needs.  We have, as with other businesses, a continuity plan that will provide you with an uninterrupted level of service whilst at the same time allowing us to adhere to the Public Health policy of Government.

 We have the operational capabilities to ensure that your business needs continue to be met and that each enquiry will be answered within our usual response time.

 Unless there is new government legislation to the contrary, you have our assurance that the arrangements we have in place facilitates a comprehensive continuation of service levels. Our service delivery teams will be available as usual, and our response officers and control room will be on hand to support your requirements.

Should we find ourselves in the position that we are forced to close any of our offices our contact numbers will be placed on divert, as will our control centre monitoring. But for now, everything remains as is until further notice.  

Best wishes,

Richard Jennings

Deputy MD