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News Bulletin


Good Morning,

This week will see the further lifting of  some “Lockdown” restrictions which is very welcome, however some new compulsory restrictions are being put in place to help minimise the risk. One of these is the compulsory wearing of face coverings in all shops. Our staff are on hand in retail and in hospitality venues to provide guidance to the general public on the procedures and restrictions, each establishment may have their own set of rules over and above the minimum legal requirements, 

this goes to show that as lockdown eases and business’s return to work they are taking your safety seriously. As mentioned last week some of these may seem excessive, remember, these measures are there for your protection, and security staff are there to ensure that the minority don’t spoil it for the rest of us who are happy to be out and about again. Securitay have provided all staff with re-usable face coverings (as modelled by Area Manager Neil Brown) for use not only at work, but also for travel on public transport and when shopping. Face coverings should be treated like underwear, “don’t leave the house without them”. After use the disposable ones should be treated like a nappy and disposed of hygienically, and the re-usable ones washed regularly. But two important points, (1) don’t lend them to anyone and (2) definitely don’t go “Commando”.


Remember: Behind every mask there is a face, and behind that a story. – Marty Rubin 


Richard Jennings

Deputy MD

News Bulletin

CCTV Monitoring Services

Securitay are delighted to announce that our CCTV Monitoring Station has been approved for Public space CCTV Monitoring by the SIA. We are now "Open for Business" and in a position to cater for all your CCTV monitoring needs.


Our People 

 Trust is the key to all our relationships. Our open and honest communication with staff and   customers alike, ensures we have an above-average staff retention rate, providing high quality   services while still retaining our traditional, core values.We support human rights which is detailed in the following policies.

HRM-POL-006 - Slavery and Human Trafficking Policy.pdf

HRM-POL-013 Equality and Diversity Policy.pdf

HRM-POL-014 Human Rights Policy.pdf

Our Community 

 Securitay believe in ‘giving something back’ through our Community Benefits Programme, where    we undertake to employ local staff, purchase from local suppliers and provide support to local   community projects.


 Mission Statement 

 To grow without compromising our quality of service delivery, by putting our customers first and looking after the welfare and development of our employees

 Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to Securitay Ltd. The following Privacy Policy discloses the information practices for, including the type of information gathered, how the information is used, and Securitay’s policy regarding sharing information with others. Privacy Policy


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