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News Bulletin


Good Morning,

Little did I know in March that we would still be in a form of “lockdown”  in September. During the last six months Securitay has continued to operate, supplying security services to the public and private sectors. We are providing services at various Covid-19 test centres, these centres are a vital link in combatting this horrendous virus which unfortunately is still with us and claiming lives, there are however ways in which we can help to speed up the eradication of the virus. To this end Securitay is encouraging all staff to download the protect Scotland App. The Protect Scotland app from NHS Scotland’s Test and Protect is a free mobile app designed to help us protect each other, reduce the spread of coronavirus and help avoid any further lockdowns. Phone app  details can be found at or watch the online video at download now and help save lives.

Nobody made a greater mistake than he/she who did nothing, because he/she could only do a little.

Edmund Burke 

Richard Jennings

Deputy MD

News Bulletin

CCTV Monitoring Services

Securitay are delighted to announce that our CCTV Monitoring Station has been approved for Public space CCTV Monitoring by the SIA. We are now "Open for Business" and in a position to cater for all your CCTV monitoring needs.


Our People 

 Trust is the key to all our relationships. Our open and honest communication with staff and   customers alike, ensures we have an above-average staff retention rate, providing high quality   services while still retaining our traditional, core values.We support human rights which is detailed in the following policies.

HRM-POL-006 - Slavery and Human Trafficking Policy.pdf

HRM-POL-013 Equality and Diversity Policy.pdf

HRM-POL-014 Human Rights Policy.pdf

Our Community 

 Securitay believe in ‘giving something back’ through our Community Benefits Programme, where    we undertake to employ local staff, purchase from local suppliers and provide support to local   community projects.


 Mission Statement 

 To grow without compromising our quality of service delivery, by putting our customers first and looking after the welfare and development of our employees

 Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to Securitay Ltd. The following Privacy Policy discloses the information practices for, including the type of information gathered, how the information is used, and Securitay’s policy regarding sharing information with others. Privacy Policy


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