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News Bulletin


Good morning, 

We are now into week ten of the “lockdown”, and it would appear that the current situation is improving, the proposed relaxing of restrictions from Friday is encouraging, but also quite scary. History shows that in all previous pandemics when restrictions were lifted there was a resurgence in confirmed cases, this was particularly evident in the 1918 “Spanish Flu” pandemic when in some areas the resurgence caused more deaths than the original outbreak. This is a phased return and we need to be patient, remain vigilant and follow government guidelines.  At Securitay  we continue to operate and provide essential services, and I would like to say how proud I am of our staff who have adhered to the lockdown restrictions while continuing to work.

This week I would like to turn our thoughts to the victims of this pandemic not only to the many thousands who have died and their families, but to the hidden victims who don’t appear on daily statistics. The people I would like you to spare a thought for are the many thousands of frontline workers who have for ten weeks now selflessly elected to live away from home to protect their families from possible contamination, also the many patients who are not receiving the treatment they otherwise would. We can all help to reunite these families and ensure patients get the required care by sticking to the government “Phase One” guidelines and not being a “Lemming”.


One myth deeply entrenched in our language is that of the "Lemming Suicide Plunge" - where lemmings, apparently overcome by deep-rooted impulses, deliberately run over a cliff in their millions, to be dashed to their deaths on the rocks below, or to drown in the raging ocean. Indeed, this myth is now a metaphor for the behaviour of crowds of people who foolishly follow each other, lemming-like, regardless of the consequences.

Don’t be a “Lemming” together we can get through this, we all have a part to play, play yours, if you can “do it from home” “do it”, if it is not essential then don’t do it”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        To 

For all the latest advice and guidance about phase one lifting of restrictions/ (COVID-19) please visit


Richard Jennings

Deputy MD

News Bulletin

CCTV Monitoring Services

Securitay are delighted to announce that our CCTV Monitoring Station has been approved for Public space CCTV Monitoring by the SIA. We are now "Open for Business" and in a position to cater for all your CCTV monitoring needs.

Our People 

 Trust is the key to all our relationships. Our open and honest communication with staff and   customers alike, ensures we have an above-average staff retention rate, providing high quality   services while still retaining our traditional, core values.We support human rights which is detailed in the following policies.

HRM-POL-006 - Slavery and Human Trafficking Policy.pdf

HRM-POL-013 Equality and Diversity Policy - Copy.pdf

Our Community 

 Securitay believe in ‘giving something back’ through our Community Benefits Programme, where    we undertake to employ local staff, purchase from local suppliers and provide support to local   community projects.


 Mission Statement 

 To grow without compromising our quality of service delivery, by putting our customers first and looking after the welfare and development of our employees

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Your privacy is important to Securitay Ltd. The following Privacy Policy discloses the information practices for, including the type of information gathered, how the information is used, and Securitay’s policy regarding sharing information with others. Privacy Policy


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